Guys, why is the dash so dead?

darrenandsienna-deactivated2013 asked:
Kelsey here. xD



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Congratulations Jess! You’ve been accepted as Kelsey Johnson. Please send in your account within the next 24 hours or your character will be reopened.

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are you still accepting applications?

Of course!


Housemates, please vote for the half-way-housemate you wish to see do this weeks task.

This is Big Brother.

Your nominations have been counted. 

The housemates with the top five highest votes will move immediately— If not already, to the half-way house.

Those housemates are, (in no particular order)

  • Jordan
  • Tully
  • Tahan
  • Danny
  • Elliot

Voting on who will do this weeks task will start shortly.

This is Big Brother.

Housemates, some of you still need to get your votes in.

Amelia, Tahan, Riley and Blair.

Please get your nominations in as soon as you can. If you have any questions towards how voting will work, please come see me.

Also remember, you are voting for people who you do not like. Big Brother is no longer giving second chances to those who wish to redo their votes. All are final.

That is all.

Still waiting on nominations from a few of you. The sooner the better.

Thank you to the 5 people that have voted so far. We need a few more before we can post the results and move on to round 2 of the nominations.

This is Big Brother

Just to verify, you are nominating people you do not want in the house, people that annoy you, hurt you or you simply don’t like them. 

This is Big Brother.


You need to get your nominations in.

You have five votes, you may either vote for one person five times of five people one time and anything in between.

Please get your votes into the ask box asap.

(All nominations will be kept anonymous, but you must send them in, in character.) 

I feel like some people are confused as to what is on each side of the house.

On the half-way house, there is a small living room, a bedroom, and outdoor area. In the outdoor area is the bathroom. A shower and a toilet. All water is to be pumped via bike. There is also a laundry. That is where every housemate is to wash their clothes. The half-way housemates will do everyones and cannot refuse any.

The safe-house will be making dinner for everyone. They are in charge of feeding the half-way housemates. Although, no half-way housemates are to eat until all safe-house housemates are finished eating.

For any other questions, don’t be afraid to ask.

Important information from Big Brother

This is Big Brother.

As you are aware, the numbers you had just chosen will decide your fate.

The house will be split into two sides, one full of luxurious items and the other filled with poverty.

Big Brother has selected the five housemates which will spend the first week in the half-way house. 

Those housemates are

  • Avory
  • Jack
  • Tully
  • Tahan
  • Danny

The rest of you are safe. That is:

  • Elliot
  • Riley
  • Amelia
  • Jordan
  • Blair

Please go to your allocated sides of the house. If you try to climb the barrier or slip through the gates, there will be serious consequences.

Upon nominations, the housemates with the most votes will spend the week in the half-way house, this will continue throughout the game.

Please respect Big Brothers requests.

(Please note, there was no favoritism from the admins. Everything was chosen from a random generator.) 

This is Big Brother.

Can all the housemates please reply to this post with a number between one and twelve.

No repeats. This number will decide your fate.

If you do not choose a number in the allocated time slot (two hours) 

Big Brother will choose for you.

countygeneralrpg asked:
Avory Lee here!



Make sure you track bbrp starterbbrp admin and follow everyone here.